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Double Cleansing Method And How It Can Change Your Skin!


Double Cleansing is a trend which was started by Korean beauty bloggers and has become popular around the world because of its beauty benefits. When I first read about the Double Cleansing method, the idea of adding one more step to my skincare routine did not sound great.  Why complicate a simple process like cleansing? In fact, it seems like a big task in the evening when all I want is to relax in bed and watch television. While I was initially not enthusiastic about it, I can swear by its results after doing it for several months. I like how my skin feels after cleansing and it is such a great way of preparing it for the next steps in my skincare routine.

What Is Double Cleansing?

One of the most important steps in a skincare routine, cleansing helps in getting rid of dirt and impurities. Your skin can turn dull and prone to breakouts if you do not cleanse it properly. When you reach out for your facial wipes next time, remind yourself of the damage it can do your skin.

Is there anything that you can do better? Yes, Double Cleansing!

Double Cleansing is just like it sounds- cleansing the face twice. The usual practice is to clean your face with oil followed by a regular cleanser that suits your skin type.

Why Use Oil?

Oils are great for dissolving all kind of makeup and sunscreen. The use of oil cleanses the skin surface and allows your regular cleanser to remove remaining traces of impurities. Since oils are a gentler option over harsh makeup removers, skin feels softer and healthier after following this routine for a few days.

Double Cleansing Method And How It Can Change Your Skin!

Double Cleansing: The Method

I double cleanse with oil only in the evening to remove sunscreen or makeup and prefer to use micellar water in the morning. The method is simple and all you need is an extra minute to allow the oil to work its magic.

  1. Take cleansing oil or balm and apply it on dry skin. Massage in gentle circular motions for 30-45 seconds.
  2. Wet your hands and keep massaging for few more seconds.
  3. Take a warm washcloth and keep on your face for 20-30 seconds. Now, wipe your face to remove the oil.
  4. Rinse your face with lukewarm water.
  5. Use your regular cleanser to wash your face and pat dry.
  6. Follow with your regular skincare routine.

Our cities are polluted which shows on our skin, we use SPF daily for sun protection and most of us wear makeup on a regular basis. Then why not ensure that our skin gets a deep, thorough cleanse?  In fact, using two gentle cleansers is better than the use of one harsh cleanser. Although you should use products that are meant for your skin type, it is important to be careful if you have sensitive skin.  I will recommend talking to your dermatologist if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin.

Double Cleansing is great for removing makeup and sunscreen.

Benefits Of Double Cleansing

Double Cleansing is a foolproof way of removing oil, sebum and impurities from the skin. Not just that, it is excellent for getting rid of makeup and the strongest SPF formulas. Since oil removes most of the impurities on the surface, the second cleanser provides a better, deeper cleanse. In fact, you can instantly notice the difference in your skin if you double cleanse it. It will appear cleaner and softer after double cleansing. Our skin repairs itself in the night which makes your evening skincare routine extremely important. A thoroughly clean skin allows the active ingredients in your serum and night cream to work more effectively.

Your skin will be healthy and problem free if you follow this method regularly for several weeks.

Although many experts advise following this routine twice a day, I do not feel the need to double cleanse in the morning.  However, you may benefit from doing this in the morning as well as evening if you have oily skin

Since I use a  sunscreen daily (even when I am indoors ), I double cleanse every night. And, trust me an extra minute of cleansing time has really made a difference on my skin.

We spend hours doing makeup and use several layers of products then why not spend a few minutes removing it!

Have you ever tried double cleansing? Share your experiences in the comments section below! I would love to hear from you!!!




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Vasundhra Singh


  1. laveremis

    Wow, I wouldn’t have thought oil would be helpful in cleansing. I too am always looking for the most simple skincare method possible. That said, this may be worth a try.

    23 . Jan . 2018
  2. Emily Terrell

    I don’t usually believe in the latest beauty trends, but I do believe in things invented by the Koreans. After all. Have you seen how beautiful their people are?? I think I need to try this out!

    23 . Jan . 2018
  3. flora_the_sweaterist

    I haven’t heard about double cleansing, but to be honest, I’m not really familiar with skincare options. My sister uses make up, though, and this sounds like something she should give a try!

    24 . Jan . 2018
  4. balanceandblessings1

    I have heard of double cleansing, but never looked into it to know how it works. thank you for the info. I might try it.

    24 . Jan . 2018
  5. Emily Fata

    I’m definitely going to have to do this… I’ve been breaking out a lot lately, and I absolutely hate it! I have to try this method out, and hopefully it’ll help me out. 🙂

    24 . Jan . 2018
  6. Are We Adults Yet

    Great post! I have had really dry skin this winter and need to switch up my routine. Thank you!

    24 . Jan . 2018
  7. twogirlsonedate

    I have never heard of double cleansing so this was very informative for me! I will definitely be looking into it 🙂

    24 . Jan . 2018
  8. Megan B

    I haven’t heard of this, but I’m grateful that I have now! I’ll have to try this out because my skin needs a refresh ASAP. x

    24 . Jan . 2018
  9. LaNeshe

    Oh my goodness. I had been doing this and didn’t even know it was a thing. I’d do the oil cleansing method and then a cleanser.

    24 . Jan . 2018
  10. Kweni

    This doesn’t seem that much time consuming to me. I just have a question though, is it alright to use petroleum jelly as the “oil” or does it have to be real oil? Thanks.

    24 . Jan . 2018
    • Vasundhra Singh

      Hello Kweni! Although I use Vaseline to sometimes remove lipstick or eye makeup, I have never really tried it for cleansing my face.

      08 . Feb . 2018
  11. Pierre

    This article really makes me feel guilty about my skin care routines.Not really the type to spend a few minutes putting lotion on my skin.LOL I ‘m going to be better at it and definitely going to try oil instead of lotion next time. It seems like lotion isn’t working on my skin anymore.

    24 . Jan . 2018
  12. Dia Darling

    I haven’t tried this. I have super sensitive skin and have used a very basic rinse i have since i was 13 but I am curious about this it seems very detoxifying.

    24 . Jan . 2018
  13. Drake Conan

    My wife has it’s own skincare routine but she’s always wondering why it seems like the result is not too good. Maybe I should share this with her.

    24 . Jan . 2018

    I have always been double cleansing since my teenage years. But my method is slightly different, I use an oil based cleanser to clean out my makeup and sunscreen (just massage and rinse, no warm towel), then follow by regular cleanser like what you did. I think it does keep my clean clear and problem free most of the time! So yeah, it definitely works!:)

    24 . Jan . 2018
  15. Lindsey Nicole

    Once I discovered oil cleansing I realized how clean my face was. I use a brand called Badger and it has hints of eucalyptus which makes my skin feel tingly and fresh. I love it. Great post.

    24 . Jan . 2018
  16. Jocelyn @ Hip Mama's Place

    I like the idea, it’s like giving your skin a deep clean especially if you wear make up on a regular basis. It’s definitely a great way to take good care of your skin!!

    24 . Jan . 2018
  17. 조이 Czjai (@RebelSweetHrt)

    I swear by double cleansing! It’s the first step to great skin! 🙂

    24 . Jan . 2018
  18. The Walking Map

    Yes, I’vee noticed that many people prefer Korean beauty products. The Korean grocery stores in North America tend to have sections for skin care products.

    24 . Jan . 2018
  19. Shell

    I never heard of this method before but I’m absolutely intrigued!! I’m definitely going to be giving this a try and will be pinning to share!

    24 . Jan . 2018
  20. Dalene

    I haven’t heard of double cleansing yet but it does sound like a nice facial practice. I have a really oily face and for sure, it is so hard to cleanse it in the evening to ensure I sleep with a fresh face. I’ll need to give this a try. Awesome.

    24 . Jan . 2018
  21. Lisa Rios

    I had not heard of this method before – it sounds like it has some benefits and will help me clear up my skin.

    24 . Jan . 2018
  22. An Introverted blogger

    I hadn’t heard about double cleansing until I read your post. It definitely sounds something that I should consider doing. What kind of oil would you recommend?

    24 . Jan . 2018
  23. sabrina barbante

    It’s the first time I read about double cleansing and it sounds really interesting to me because I love skin care rituals. The longer they are, the better it is. By the way, I have a doubt. I have quite sensitive and most of all dry skin. Is it possible a double cleansing habit can result in even dryer skin, as a consequence of dehidratation due to hyper cleansing? I’ll trust your tip and answer, thank you in advanca

    24 . Jan . 2018
    • Vasundhra Singh

      Hello Sabrina! I would recommend talking to your dermatologist if you have sensitive skin. Double cleansing does not overdry skin, I have been doing it for quite some time now. However, I prefer to follow this method only in the evenings.

      08 . Feb . 2018
  24. Razena

    My skin seems to rage between dry and patchy and very oily and I’m putting it down to old age. I’ve read that oil cleansers are much better but have not yet tried it. My routine varies but I am keen try your method.

    25 . Jan . 2018
  25. lavandamichelle

    I think I might have to try your way of doing things! In the winter my skin is usually dry so my skin care varies from season to season. Great post! Very inspiring to see someone care so much about their skin. Makes me want to get my game up.

    25 . Jan . 2018
  26. drewandtrishstravelsandadventures

    I haven’t heard of the double cleansing method, I will have to give it a try. Especially since my skin this winter decided to become super dry.

    25 . Jan . 2018
  27. Laura Dove

    Oh I have never heard of this method before but it sounds great! I never use oil on my skin as I panic it will make it greasy, I need to start!!

    25 . Jan . 2018
  28. Elizabeth O

    Oh thank you for sharing this, I will be giving this a go. I have never heard of double cleansing before! 🙂

    25 . Jan . 2018
  29. Rose

    Thank you for the tips. I was not aware of cleansing oil but will keep an eye out for it.

    25 . Jan . 2018
  30. melclayville

    Wow, I had no idea! I’ve always wondered why there would be oil in a cleanser, it seems counterintuitive. I appreciate when someone can tell me the reason why I should be making a change. Thanks for clearing things up and showing the right way!

    25 . Jan . 2018
  31. Erica Swedish

    I have heard of this! I was just thinking about trying it out and blogging about my experience. My skin is doing some very weird things.

    25 . Jan . 2018
  32. Evelyn, PathofPresence

    Great post! Love the beauty tips – this one I will try! Now, to hunt for cleansing oil. 😀

    25 . Jan . 2018
  33. Julie

    I never heard of using oil to wash your face and dissolve makeup, that sounds awesome! Need to definitely try this method of double cleansing

    25 . Jan . 2018
  34. 50shadesofsahara

    So is this only helpful if you wear sunscreen or makeup? I wear neither and am unsure why else I would want more oil all over my face.

    25 . Jan . 2018
    • Vasundhra Singh

      Oil is great for dissolving makeup and sunscreen. However, it is equally effective for removing dirt and impurities. There are cleansing oils meant for oily skin too but you can consult your dermatologist if you have sensitive skin.

      08 . Feb . 2018

    Oooh I’ve not heard of double cleansing before – I’m no beauty or skin care expert, but it sounds pretty simple. Think I’m going to give this new skin cleansing regime a try x

    25 . Jan . 2018

    This double cleansing method isn’t something I’ve heard of before, but I’d certainly be up for giving it a go. It sounds pretty simple, and if it’s as effective as you say, then I should have radiant skin in no time x

    25 . Jan . 2018
  37. karriefrost

    You are completely right! I started double cleansing a few months ago and it completely changed my skin! It makes sense to use the oil to take off any makeup, dirt and/or debris and then cleanse your face from there. I was afraid to do it because my skin is dry, and I worried I would be over stripping it, but with the right products, it makes a world of difference.

    25 . Jan . 2018
  38. ladysworldoffashion

    This is a great post about how to clean skin. I will try this method. It sounds very good and sounds like it is very good for the skin. Thank you for sharing.

    25 . Jan . 2018
  39. Shubhada Bhide

    I have never heard about double cleansing before and it looks interesting to try. Glad you shared this.

    26 . Jan . 2018
  40. Calleigh k

    I never heard about double cleansing but when I read your post, i realized I’ve been doing the same routine on my face actually.

    26 . Jan . 2018
  41. Sayanti |

    Oil as a cleanser, not sure how will that work with oily skin, lol xD. Well I could give it a try at least and let you know if it worked or not 🙂

    26 . Jan . 2018
  42. Marie

    My skin is very oily so I have been reluctant to use oil. Is there any particular type or brand that you would recommend?

    27 . Jan . 2018
  43. Msddah

    Thanks for posting about double cleansing. I have really got to step up my skin care game in 2018!

    27 . Jan . 2018
  44. Alison Rost

    I’m a firm believer of this one because it makes sense. I like the idea of double cleansing and what it does to our skin. Definitely something that I’ll add in my routine!

    28 . Jan . 2018
  45. Jake Ferrer

    I have been using virgin coconut oil from Vietnam for quite sometime. And i think its really good for my skin. But thanks for the additional info.

    28 . Jan . 2018
  46. Romeo Schopper

    This sounds great. I have to tell mt wife about this. She’s getting problem with her dry skin

    29 . Jan . 2018
  47. Grace

    Such a brilliat tips, I would love to try this.

    29 . Jan . 2018
  48. Dreaming Loud

    This was an interesting post since I didn’t know that I double cleanse my face everyday. I use coconut oil first to clean my face and then my cleanser!

    29 . Jan . 2018

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