Castor Oil For Hair-Using It The Right Way!

Castor Oil is one of the best remedies to treat and protect damaged hair. It is rich in nutrients that provide intense moisturization and have restorative properties. Use of castor oil softens dry, brittle hair and acts to protect against environmental extremes.

TIP Use organic castor oil or Jamaican black castor oil for best results.


Controls Hair Fall and Promotes Hair Growth Castor oil is excellent for treating hair fall and promoting hair growth. It is rich in nutrients that nourish, stimulate hair follicles, improve hair health and prevent breakage.

However, this remedy will work only if you are losing hair because of external damage. It is advisable to consult a specialist if it is a genetic issue or none of the home remedies are working.

Castor Oil Treatment for Hair Fall

Castor Oil Treatment for reducing hair fall can be twice a week. Since castor oil is thick and sticky, it is better to mix it other oils. You can choose either coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil or sesame oil.

What you’ll need

One Tablespoon Castor Oil

Two Tablespoons Coconut Oil

Take one tablespoon warm castor oil and mix two tablespoons warm coconut oil ( You can read more about the benefits of Coconut Oil  HERE). Massage this mixture on the scalp and hair. Cover your head with a shower cap, you can also wrap a warm towel around your head. Leave it for few hours and wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

Conditions hair: Castor Oil can penetrate deep into the scalp and hair. It is rich in moisture and acts as an amazing conditioner. When used regularly, it helps by sealing in moisture, taming frizz and gives lustrous hair.

Castor Oil Leave in Serum

What you’ll need

One Tablespoon Castor Oil

Few Drops Essential Oil

Take one tablespoon castor oil and mix few drops of your favorite essential oil. Keep this mixture in a bottle and use daily as a leave in conditioner.

Take few drops of this mixture on wet palms and gently apply on the hair, especially focusing on the ends. Castor oil forms a protective coating on the hair strands and protects hair from the damage caused by the sun and other environmental factors. Since it has a sticky texture, it is better to use very little castor oil when applying it as a leave in serum.

Pre-Shampoo Treatment for Conditioning Hair

If you do not have time for a warm oil massage, then you can use castor oil as a pre-shampoo treatment.

What you’ll need

One Tablespoon Castor Oil

Two Tablespoons Coconut Oil

Mix one tablespoon castor oil and two tablespoons coconut oil. Massage this mixture on your scalp and hair 15- 30 minutes before taking a shower. Wash with a mild shampoo and follow with a conditioner.

Treats damage: If you have dry, brittle hair that has split ends, then you must try using castor oil for treating your hair. Castor oil forms a protective coating on air and makes it less susceptible to damage.

Before trying castor oil (or any home remedy) for treating split ends, it is important to trim your hair first.  After you get rid of the split ends, apply castor oil regularly as a pre-shampoo treatment or a weekly hot oil massage. Regular use of castor oil will make hair thick and less prone to breakage resulting in less split ends.

Shine: Hair can never look healthy if it appears dull and lifeless. Using castor oil makes hair lustrous, radiant and shiny. Applying castor oil regularly has miraculous results on hair and it takes few applications for the hair to turn shinier.


Castor Oil can be used to make some amazing hair masks that provide nourishment and improve hair growth. These masks can be used weekly for pampering hair.

Castor Oil-Egg-Honey Hair Mask

What you’ll need

Two Tablespoons Castor Oil

One Tablespoon Honey

One Egg

Crack open an egg, mix two tablespoons castor oil and one tablespoon honey to form a smooth mixture. Apply this mixture on hair for 20 minutes. Wash with a mild shampoo and follow with a conditioner.

Honey is a humectant that draws moisture from the air to keep hair hydrated while eggs are super rich in vitamins, protein and fatty acids that improve hair health. When combined with the goodness of nutrient rich castor oil, these ingredients make hair appear silky and smooth.

TIP Always use cold water to wash your hair after using egg masks. If you use hot water, egg will cook and stick to hair.

Castor Oil-Aloe Vera Gel Hair Mask

What you’ll need

Two Tablespoons Castor Oil

Four Tablespoons Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is another great ingredient for making hair healthier and stronger (To know the benefits of Aloe Vera for Hair, Read HERE). Mix four tablespoons Aloe Vera Gel and two tablespoons Castor Oil till you get a smooth paste. Apply this mixture on scalp and hair ensuring even coverage.

Cover hair with a shower cap and wrap a warm towel around your head. Let this mask sit for 20-30 minutes and wash with a mild shampoo and conditioner.





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