7 Benefits of Rose Water For Skin

Rose water is an amazing natural ingredient that makes skin radiant and beautiful. It has many beauty benefits and we will tell you simple ways to incorporate rose water in your beauty routine.

Tip- Look for a product that is 100% natural when you are buying rose water. (You can read reviews of Dabur Gulabjal and Patanjali Gulabjal)

Benefits of rose water for skin

Rose water maintains the pH levels of the skin and controls excess sebum production.

Rose water instantly hydrates, refreshes and rejuvenates dull, dry skin.

It has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used even on sensitive skin. Rose water helps in soothing irritations, sunburn, and acne.

Rose water is rich in antioxidants and helps in improving skin health

Rose water helps cleaning and tightening the pores. Due to its astringent properties, it acts as a substitute over harsh toners.

Antioxidants in rose water help in keeping wrinkles and fine lines at bay. However, you cannot completely rely on rose water for anti-aging benefits.

How to use rose water

Skin Toner: Rose Water is an effective substitute for chemical based products and harsh alcohol based toners. It gently tones the skin and tightens the pores. It moisturizes the skin and gives a toned look to the face.

Apply rose water to the skin using cotton and allow it to settle in the pores. It will soothe the skin and skin will feel refreshed.

  • Take cotton soaked in rose water and apply on the face. You can mix rose water with glycerin if you have dry skin. Rose water can also be used on sensitive skin without any side effects. However, people with sensitive skin should test the product before using it.

Makeup Remover: Rose water acts as an all-natural makeup remover that cleans the skin without causing excessive drying. It is better than many products available in the market as it is gentler and helps in maintaining the pH level of the skin.

What you’ll need

Cotton Pad

1 tablespoon Rose Water

Few drops of coconut oil

Both rose water and coconut oil have cleansing properties (Read more about beauty benefits of coconut oil HERE). Mix a tablespoon rose water with few drops of coconut oil and soak a cotton pad in this mixture.Use this gently on the skin to remove all makeup. Wash the face with warm water.

Tired eyes: Rose water is a tried and tested remedy for soothing tired eyes. Put few drops to clean your eyes or soak cotton in rose water for soothing tired eyes. It also helps in getting rid of puffiness and eliminating dark circles.

  • Soak cotton in chilled rose water and put on your eyes for 20 minutes. Repeat daily for preventing dark circles and puffy eyes.
  • When used as eye drops, rose water cleanses and soothes tired eyes.

Face Mist: Why waste money on face mists when you can use rose water? Rose water hydrates and refreshes dull skin.

  • All you need is a spray bottle filled with rose water. Spray it over your face to stay fresh all day.

Tip-Rose water can also be used over the face as a makeup setting product. It gives a radiant and smooth finish to the face.

Treating Sunburn: Rose water is excellent for soothing sunburnt skin.

  • Spray chilled rose water on the skin after a day out in the sun. It will heal redness and calm irritations.

Moisturizer: Rose water has moisturizing properties and can be used on the face in the night. You can also mix it with your favorite cream or lotion for better results.

  • Pamper your skin with occasional messages. Mix rose water with your favorite oil or cream and use on the skin.

Face Pack: Rose water can be used in face packs for radiant and glowing skin.

Face Pack for Oily Skin:

What you’ll need

1 Tbsp. Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti)

Few Drops Lemon Juice

1 Tbsp. Rose Water

Mix one tablespoon Fuller’s earth, few drops lemon juice and one tablespoon rose water to make a smooth paste. Apply this mask on the face and wash once it has dried. Follow with a moisturizer.

Face Pack for Dry Skin:

What you’ll need

1 Tbsp. Honey

1 Tbsp. Rose Water

Mix one tablespoon honey and one tablespoon rose water till it forms a smooth mixture. Apply on the face for 20 minutes and wash with plain water.




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